Sunday, August 3, 2014

Feedback on "Gossip Central"

I got my feedback from EB for my bird quilt and I am pleased. She said....

think it's a lovely quilt and a great can hear the birds whistling in harmony!!  And it's fun that there are two "staves" with the sopranos and altos up top and the tenors and basses down below!  I think it's a very fun piece, and also shows the rhythm well and with the subjects being birds obviously twittering away you can imagine the melody!!  excellent choice of fabrics, especially that mottled one where you've got the black bits on their heads.  Nice spacing - everything's perfect!

So it turns out I really needed that magic fabric!  Now onto the lesson for August on incorporating lettering in a quilt. I've done that a few times in a quilt, but this still will be a challenge.  Below is my "Connected to the Moon" quilt with lettering that I made last year.

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  1. I was wondering about how the end result tied in with the rhythm theme and having to use her music selections for inspiration. I guess I was afraid what with all the focus on fabrics and arrangements you might have lost some of the point of the exercise (not that it would have been a bad thing, only that EB might ding you for it). EB did a great job of pointing out in her critique all the ways that your quilt does tie into the theme. I'm so glad she agreed with the rest of us - that it's a great and perfect quilt!

    The lettering lesson will give you a chance to expand on your experience with that. I don't know which is harder, working with something you've never fooled with before, or trying to improve on or at least approach differently something you've already done. As always, will watch with great interest.


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