Saturday, September 6, 2014

Feedback and thinking




For the most part EB liked my sketches. This is what she said:

I like the way the windmills make the oil pumps look like little ants!!  I think this works very well...I wonder if you need quite so many windmills though?  since a windmill can go on "making power" for ever...and an oil pump can only pump up what's there and then it's gone - it would be a nice conceit to show that one or two windmills will provide, in the long run, as much power as the pumps.  Also I don't think you need the extra pump on the looks stronger, I think without it.
I've done a couple of oil pump quilts - they're great shapes to work with!!  good luck!
another thought would be to have the oil pumps black, the windmills in the lightest value and the sky a medium value....emphasizing the point even more...

So I roughly sketched it out in EQ to start trying out fabrics. This is what I have so far.



Medium sky, light windmills, dark oil rigs.










Light sky, medium windmills, dark oil rigs.












Dark sky, medium windmills, light oil rigs.







As I look at these they all seem to work. I like all three. Of course the big question is what fabrics do I actually have? What mood do I want to set? I do have the sky and windmills in the 2nd one with the light sky. In fact the sky and windmills are scanned from fabrics that I already have.

What do you think? Which way would you go?



  1. Hmmm. I really dislike #3--bluntly, it is ugly. BUT then so is pollution. So it might be right. I keep waffling between #1 and #2: #2 has the air already clean; #1 is in process of cleaning the air. As design more than concept, I like greater amount of color in #1.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I too like all three but find the first one most appealing -- something about the feel of fire in that sky. The windmills seem to get lost in the sky in the second one. The third one is indeed very stark, with that yellow rig against the black stark that the windmills seem to recede... Hmmm

  3. Si on pense à la leçon de EB c'est le 2 pour moi et c'est celui que je préfère.

  4. No question in my mind...the first one is the winner.

    Are you altering your design down to this or was this "digest" version just for trying out the color schemes? I find it almost more powerful than the sketch you showed with multiple oil rigs. Very hard and soft.

  5. Sheila, this was the digest version. I did not wat to draw it all out in EQ.

  6. Hmmm, EB's comments sound like you are getting a political point of view along with your art and quilting. Were you intending to make a political statement with your quilt?


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