Sunday, September 14, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop (Monday, September 15, 2014)

I’m very excited to be part of the Around the World Blog Hop. I was invited  last week by Bonnie of Institches with Bonnie.  You can read her blog hop post HERE.  The theme of the hop is to answer some questions about our creative process and to invite others to join in the fun.  At the end of this post you can see my invitees. So here we go…..

What am I working on?

My main focus this year has been the Master Class that I am taking online with Elizabeth Barton. I have always loved her work and have taken several courses with her at the former Quilt University. For this class we are given the lesson on the first day of the month. We have until the 10th to submit our sketches, the 20th to submit the blocked out quilt, and by the end of the month to finish it. At each stage Elizabeth critiques us. The lessons have been on things like value, line, nature, rhythm, letters in quilts.Here are my quilts from the class which runs until the end of the year. The sizes of the quilts varies and are not really to scale in these photos.  I am pretty happy with what I have accomplished so far this year in this class.





I am currently working on the one for September on Lost and Found Edges and have only gotten as far as the sketches and the beginning of the blocking out process.



How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I have a background in physics and math and I think that comes out in my quilts. In fact several have science themes. This year I have created the start of an energy series (windmills, coal stacks, and oil rigs/windmills. I still make traditional quilts when needed, but mostly I focus on art quilts. I think the fact that I do both is different than some people. But who knows….maybe that is not unusual.

I know one thing that either may be the same or different than others is that I am very slow at this process. I have a tendency to over analyze things like fabric choices. I think that is often the battle between the left and right sides of my brain…my creative and mathematical sides. Even when the quilt is completely done I am still trying to figure out where it could have been better. I guess that’s what series are for.

So maybe the bottom line is that what I do is not that different….


Why do I create what I do?

I have been doing art in one form or another since I was a small child. I have sketched, painted, metal punched, woven, made clothing, screen printed, dyed and painted fabric, and quilted. Once I found quilting 30 years ago I found my creative outlet. It is just something that I have to do and that I enjoy doing. Seems I have to be doing something creative. 

One of my favorite quilts that I have made over the last several years is my cardinal quilt. Boy did I have fun with this one. My machine quilting improved a lot with it. It was the quilt that made me think for the first time that I could really do this art quilt stuff successfully. This quilt is about 30 in by 40 in.







Linking to other artists

I asked several people if I could link to their blogs and thank goodness 2 of my favorites agreed. Unfortunately I could not get a third person to agree to do this. The two artists that I am linking to will post their blogs next Monday, September 22. Both are really worth checking out. Make sure you check them out now and on the 22nd when they continue the blog hop with their posts.


artist one

First is my good friend Sheila of Idaho Beauty’s Creative Journey. Sheila does amazing quilts as well as making journals, padfolios, and cloth baskets. Please visit her. Sheila has been a great help to me when I have been stuck on a quilt with very generous feedback. I wish I could move to Idaho to hang out with her, go for a hike, and see her quilts in person. Sheila has had her quilts displayed a few times in places like coffee shops. She is one very creative lady.

artist two

Second is Deborah Lyn of Deb’s artistic impressions. Deb does a variety of things as well. She is a wonderful watercolor painter, a portrait painter, a fiber artist and an interviewer. Currently she is doing a series of watercolors called a Virtual Paintout.  You should check out her paintings, fiber art and her series of interviews. Hey she even interviewed me!

Thanks for reading my blog. Make sure you check out the 2 artists that I invited to join me in the blog hop.

I have to publish this one day early because tomorrow I will be teaching all day and I have been having issues with my computer starting up. Not sure it will start up tomorrow. Right now I have to get back to backing up files just in case!



  1. Wow. Your work is beautiful. I love the Cardinal quilt and Birds on a Wire quilt. There is so much detail in your quilts. I can't wait to see more. You have a new follower.

  2. Thanks for giving me this generous shout-out and opportunity. Makes me wish I wasn't sort of between major projects - hope people scroll back a ways to when I was making the big push for my ArtWalk exhibit earlier this year. ;-)

    Fun to see the quilts I've been watching you work through this year all together like this. You've made some stunning work thanks to the promptings and pushes of that Master class. Because you asked for feedback, I had to look harder, think more and in the process learned too.

  3. Your work is fabulous! I love the windmill quilt with the wonderful, colorful sky background. I also like the windmills with the oil riggs. I will certainly check out your links to other quilt artists. I wish I had studied art in college because it would really help with my quilt designs now.

  4. I think what you do is different. Generally speaking, if something is labeled an art quilt, I find I don't care for it. However, YOUR quilts all look like something, so I like that. =) I love the cardinal, and of the ones you've done for EB's class, I particularly like the gray trees and, of course, the most recent one. I'm glad I scrolled back a bit and read this one.

  5. Love your birds on a wire and your landscape quilts. I love architecture and building elements and because we are renovating our Spanish revival built in the 1920's I'm making a quilt with tiles as the inspiration. I also want to make a quilt of a skyline but am "graphically challenged" so I have enlisted the help of a former colleague, an art teacher to help me. Since I am a new follower, I'm looking forward to what you do in the future.


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