Friday, September 19, 2014

“It’s Rigged”: Lost and Found Edges

Finished up my blocked September quilt on lost and found edges and sent it off for feedback from EB.

I did have some concerns. Are the lost edges of the wind turbines lost enough? EB had said that I should have fewer windmills than I had in my sketch. So is 3 the right number and are they in the right place?

This is my feedback from EB.

“I think this looks quite stunning - I like those little beady eyes on the oil pumps!!  maybe they're thinking the wind pumps are creeping up on them! let's hope!  While, as you note, the lost edges in the windmills are not that much lost, they do fade softly into the back ground...and also your foreground really has a lot of disappeared edges too.  I like the little white dots!  If they are pin heads - you're going to have to stitch French knots or something!! because they do add to the design!
I think it's balanced out very well now..and there are no more changes that you need to make.”

EB sure hates when the pins we are using stand out in the blocked quilt!  HAHA..beady eyes indeed!  She knows exactly what they are. I know that she has commented about quilts blocked out by others in the class and their pins. This is the first time she has said something about mine and I have used these pins before!

What do you think? Do I need to have French knots? My first thought it to reject that notion because what are they really in terms of this scene? 

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  1. You continue to enthral me with your artistry! Perfect. I did notice the eyes....and I liked them. heehee. I don't know what you mean by pins. I do see the white spots..I think of french knots as girly embroidery (and I love them in that context), so I wouldn't use them; but she is the pro.

  2. Oh, as I re-read your use pins to hold the fabric on the piece? and the heads show as the white dots....even the "eyes"?

  3. Yes, Nancy! The eyes are the pin heads!

  4. I don't know if I would use French knots because the texture might not be right for this piece. But maybe it would work. But the white dots do add nicely to it. Maybe even more of them along the bottom. It's a very pleasing design.

  5. French knots, no, but I could see you carefully adding dots of white paint, maybe through a stencil. I didn't realize they were pinheads either until I read her critique.

    I'm not sure I like having fewer windmills than in your sketch. If they are fading in the background with lost edges, I would think it wouldn't be too much to have more. By reducing the number, you have run into the issue of proper placement with just three to work with. The large spaces of sky on either side bother me and look mirror image, although upon closer inspection, I see that the left windmill is placed farther to the center than the one on the right. I can see advantages though to this configuration. It sort of forms a triangle that pulls the eye in.

    But really, this is just nitpicking. Overall, it's another strong piece with a message.

  6. I really like the white dots as the "eyes" on the oil pumps. But the rest of the pin heads, no I would not add them back. Overall though I totally love this piece.


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