Sunday, November 2, 2014

“Blown Opportunity”

I have been away so have not had a chance to post my finished wind turbine quilt or post my feedback from EB. The title “Blown Opportunity” came from my husband.

“This worked out really well...I love the way you've got the light catching the edges of the blades...the cool colors (enhanced by the touches of red) definitely emphasizes the point that wind power will heat the planet up less than coal powered plants!

The diagonals are very dynamic also and help to create the movement inherent in the subject.  Diagonals are strong shapes to use in a design.

And now I'm worrying about what you'll do next month because it won't be so easy to translate the assignment into a power/pollution issue!!!   it's going to be interesting.....”



Here is my coal stack energy quilt (“ A New Dawn?”) in contrast to the new wind turbine quilt (“Blown Opportunity’). They have a very different feel due to the different dominant color. Color sure makes a difference. The dominant color of red creates a different mood than the dominant colors of green and blue.

An E may be right about not being able to do an energy quilt for November. She gave us 3 photos to choose from for our inspiration for this month’s quilt. And none of them are energy related. Although I am tempted to try to incorporate energy just to prove E wrong! At this point I am not even sure of which photo I will work from let alone what I will do with it. Time to do some thinking which is always my first step in making a quilt….lots and lots of thinking.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Both of your pieces are so strong in subject matter and technically. Wonderful work.

  2. What a beautiful contrast they are side by side!


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