Friday, November 14, 2014

A lot of work to do!

For our November lesson EB gave us 3 photos to work with. We had to choose one and come up with a great design. I decided to pick the one of the Christo gates that were in Central Park. I was not thrilled with her photo so I used one that we had taken when we saw them.

Here is the photo.


I have an app on my ipad called Fragment that fragments a photo. I thought the app might be handy at some time to help create a design. Here are my fragmented images.




I have always wanted to do a tumbling block quilt. I do realize that it needs some work in terms of the light, medium, and dark faces of the blocks. The Fragment app does not create blocks over the entire image so some changes are needed there as well. Personally I like the grid one better, but not so easy to pull off in a short time frame.

EB wants our sketches in black and white so I changed these to gray scale in Photoshop and submitted them. Her comments were almost as expected.




So now I have the challenge of finding fabrics to work for this tumbling block design. To tell you the truth I am weary of trying to pull off a quilt each month, but I knew E worked you hard when you take one of her classes. And that is what I signed on for.  At least this is the last one.  I need a break from making art quilts and plan on making some traditional quilts. I want to use up fabrics and we need some larger bed sized quilts. I think it will be a pleasant diversion when I start retirement. That by the way is only 4 weeks away!!!!

Linking to Nina-Marie.

Thanks for reading. I am off to play in EQ for a while to establish in my mind what I am going to do with this.



  1. This is fascinating. I love the one with interrupted squares too. It's always interesting to read about choices, and I admit to being tempted to study with EB after watching these activities. They are so challenging though. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. LOL! I haven't read the lesson yet - wanted to clear my head a bit - now that I know - I better get after it!! OMG can't believe how fast the year went!

  3. Wow....are you remembering it is Nov. 14th? Yes, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Can't wait to see the finished project. Tumbling blocks is on my to-do list someday too. Enjoy the process and have fun.
    NancyB in AZ

  4. Chris, I love both of these designs, but especially your "tumbling cityscape" (post environmental disaster, perhaps? There's a link to your ongoing series - and EB said it couldn't be done. Ha!). You have produced one amazing quilt after another this year! I'm glad you blog, so I can continue to enjoy your work.


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