Saturday, November 15, 2014

Making progress!

Can’t believe I was able to get blocked quilts submitted to EB already! I guess you would be able to figure that out if you saw my sewing room (I mean quilt studio) right now. Here is a photo of just one little corner of it near my cutting table. The rest is a mess as well.

  • I printed trees on some fabrics with my printer. That is always fun as you worry that the fabric is going to jam the printer.
  • I used used some flour resist crackle fabric that looked like trees.
  • I used some black and white shibori.
  • I used some commercial fabrics that had subtle trees on it.
  • I used some oranges to be the orange gates.
  • I finally used a diamond cutting ruler that I bought at least 5 years ago,,,,I knew I would use it some day!

Here is what I have submitted to E.


The first one is traditional tumbling blocks. I am wondering if I should add another row of blocks so it is longer than it is wide. Right now it will finish about 19 inches wide before I add facing or binding. Not sure what to do since I might be tempted to bind it this time.






The second one is more deconstructed and is more like the image that was fragmented from the photo. It has more lost and found edges since the traditional dark, medium, and light for each block is ignored. It is longer than it is wide.







What do you think?

Won’t be getting feedback from E before the 21st since she is away. Meanwhile I will clean the disaster in my sewing rooom.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Love the second one!! (Still hoping you'll do something with the gridded sketch someday - the one I referred to as "tumbling cityscape" because it reminds me of buildings falling/damaged/decaying...). You use technology and surface design in such interesting ways!

  2. I too like the second one better, especially where you have very subtle shading for 3-D. I think what I like is that it is less predictable than the "real" tumblind blocks version. Yikes, I need to get to work on mine! Time runneth out.

  3. I am SO impressed! They are both fantastic. The second one definitely reads more "arty" with its nuances. Easy to see this is a design idea you are truly excited about.

  4. I'm thinking it should be a triptych, with a third piece, even more 'deconstructed'...


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