Thursday, March 30, 2017

A new direction

I have been thinking about my photo art quilt ideas for the challenge. My latest idea is to make a quilt that fits in with my energy/environmental series.

I started with one of my pixel quilts and changed the hue and saturation to reds and purples.

Then I created 2 layers of coal fired plants. One is smaller in the background. 

Then I decided to write a letter on top of it to a grandchild. I am not sure if I would incorporate the writing into the fabric or quilt the letter. I have to tweek the letter to really put my thoughts about our ignoring of climate change and the harm we are doing to our planet. 

I am sure this is not my final version....just playing on my iPad with ideas. I want to actually edit it on my computer and photoshop.


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  1. I love the piece without the lettering on top!

  2. I like the idea of the letter on top of the design. I think it works well with this kind of piece - you're sending a message to the viewer.

  3. The lettering might be effective if it's done more subtly...with stitch in a thread that tones in...or something...I too like the version without the text altogether. :-)

  4. This is fascinating - both your design process and the result. Am still thinking about the text over the top of the entire thing. Maybe if printed on organza and overlaid? But then what about the rest of the quilting. It's fabulous without the text but subtle addition of text would give it even more depth/meaning.

  5. I like this idea you are growing. I'm pondering the letter layer. Perhaps I am a lazy viewer, but I would rarely struggle to read a whole letter while viewing quilts. Yet the small print was visually effective.


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