Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Space for 3 more energy/environmental quilts

We hung the toxic barrels yesterday. You can see I have room for 3 more in the series. Acid rain? Plastics? Solar? Flooded coastlines? Any ideas?

Sorry about the angle the photo had to be taken from, but it's at the top of the stairs and I can't get a straight on photo.

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  1. Red Algae in the Gulf Coast.
    These quilts are so impressive. I really could look at them for a long time.
    xx, Carol

  2. Love your pieces as art and and as statements. It seems that your master class has had a long tail, as statisticians say.

  3. YEAH! My first thought seeing the photo was "There's room for more!" This is making for a great collection, not just the individual pieces of a theme but the visual interest the carpus sizes and shapes create. The barrels fit right in and it looks great with the rest.

    As for the next subject, I'm guessing you could do something interesting with plastics. After that perhaps tackle solar.


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