Thursday, September 13, 2018

Changing my mind....

In the last blog I said I was going to work on the pixel quilt that looked like lighted windows because I was waiting for gradient fabrics I ordered to make the floating circle pixel quilt.  Well the gradient fabrics arrived so now I guess I can change my mind and work on the circles instead of the windows. I'm sure I am not alone ino changing my mind about what I'm going to work on.

The circles

I traced this image in an iPad app to create a pattern.

Then I printed it for a full size pattern. Here's the pattern hanging on my design wall. This will be around 36 in by 36 in. This should be a bit of a challenge to make. 

Here are my gradient fabrics. I suppose I may have to use other gray, black, and white fabrics from my stash. Of course I won't know that until I start laying this out.

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