Friday, September 25, 2015

What a month!!

It has been a crazy 5 weeks getting settled into our new house. We have been assembling furniture and closet organizers. As you can see no closet organizer has been put into my sewing closet yet. The boxes of fabric are still stacked so I have not been able to work on anything other than hemming curtains. I never realized how much of an organization freak I was until I moved in here.

Let me say now I absolutely hate hemming curtains. Of course the 95-96 inch ones are a bit too short and the 108 inch ones are way too long. And you would certainly guess that the curtain panels are not consistent….nice quality control!

We have hung some of my quilts so that at least is good. It seems weird that they are now in different rooms than they were in in the old house. The neighborhood has a needlework group so I took some of my quilts to show at the meeting last week. That was a good feeling because I got lots of compliments. The members that quilt make traditional quilts so art quilts were not familiar to most of them. The neighborhood has an art show/sale in November that I think I will sign up for.

My design wall has my energy series on it right now as I am trying to decide how to arrange them on the wall when they do get hung. That’s if I can get my husband to stop playing sports long enough to hang them. He has been keeping busy and out of the house which is a very good thing. He also found a bagpipe band to join.

Do you like this arrangement?

Thanks for reading. Linking to Nina-Marie for the first time in a very long time.


Friday, August 28, 2015

We have a new house!

We closed on our new house yesterday. Now we are back in NJ and have our moving truck loaded for our move tomorrow. And boy is it hot here today. So another round trip tomorrow from NJ to State College, PA. Then on Sunday we will have to drive our cars from NJ to the new house one last time.

We took some pics of the house last week. One is the outside and one is my brand new kitchen. Thanks for reading.