Thursday, June 18, 2015

Playing some more with abstract designs

While we are waiting (yes still waiting) for the septic work to begin I decided to play with the abstract design stuff a bit more. This is what I have come up with.

Sunlight Shining Through Forest Nagano-ken, Japan

A grayscale overlay of pixels and paper design. I like the lost and found edges.








purple squares lines

Taking the purple pixels and breaking it up and adding some lines.








more complicated purple lines

Breaking the design up further. Has the looking though a window effect.







purple zigzag

Using the zigzag filter. Rain running down a window?







purpleaccented edges

Adding accented edges.








purpleaccented edgeszigzag



Using the stamping filter and turning to grayscale.







Well more designs to consider. What do you think?

Linking to Nina-Marie a day early since we are traveling to see our new house tomorrow and visit my dad for father’s day. Will take lots of photos to see what kind of progress they have made on our house.

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

What do you do when someone wants to copy your design?

Someone saw my “Midwinter Visitor” quilt on Ellen Lindner’s Pinterest page and sent her the following note:

I came across your website via Pinterest. I am
enthralled with a quilt called Midwinter Visitor.  I was
wondering if you have her email address or would forward this to her. I would like to hook a rug out of wool based on her picture.
It is astounding and I think it would be a wonderful challenge to hook this.

Ellen is the teacher I had when I made this original quilt.

My husband doesn’t understand what the big deal is and I should just let her copy it.

Have you run into this issue? What did you do? What do you suggest that I do?

This reminds me of a story about my 64 ford galaxy. I had this car in 1978 in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Someone came to the door of the house I was renting and asked to buy the hubcaps from the car. I said no and the next day they were gone—stolen.  I hadn’t even gotten their name…how dumb. How dumb to not see it coming? Well actually I thought about taking the hubcaps off, but then I figured they would slit my tires. I guess at that point I had already learned to mistrust people. I called the police, but they could do nothing. Does make you wonder how many people out there already stole the design without asking for permission.
Thanks for reading.