Monday, April 16, 2018

Done! Just added some more photos to show the quilting better.

"When the Dark Night Seems Endless"
Linking to Nina-Marie.

I finished the canal houses. It is 28 inches by 56 inches. It took quite a few days to quilt it since I can only quilt for short spurts due to neck and shoulder issues. I decided not to add the trees and the railing since both my daughter and I did not think they added anything to the design.  The title is from a line from a Loreena McKennit song called Dante's Prayer.

 Now I have to sew on the 2 sleeves and hang it up. I will be showing it at my fiber art group tonight along with the fracking quilt.  Onto the next project!


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I absolutely hate, hate, hate, hate squaring up a large quilt

Linking to Nina-Marie.

It is especially difficult when you have long verticals as in the tall canal houses that you need to keep vertical. I have measured and measured and measured again. I think at this point it is pretty good. There are places that are off by 1/8 inch, but I am not going to worry about that. Do you find squaring up a quilt easy or hard? I am always worried that I am going to mess it up. You can only trim so many times.....

Now to do my next least favorite things....face the quilt and then sew on sleeves.  

Do you have a great way to share on how to square up a large quilt? I have long rulers and a large 15 inch square, but still find it hard. This canal house quilt is about 29 in by 54 in before adding the facing. Of course adding on the facing will also introduce small errors since it is nearly impossible to sew perfectly straight!
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Monday, April 9, 2018

When the dark night seems endless!

When the quilting seems endless
I did not realize how appropriate this title was for my canal houses until I started quilting it. The quilting seems endless. I am finally nearing the end of the quilting after 5 days of going at it. I am using a walking foot since I want straight lines and the quilt is large and has to be wrestled through the machine sometimes. And as usual the whole time I am quilting it I am second guessing what I have chosen to do in terms of quilting as well as the thread colors. We all know you see each and every one of your little imperfections as you get up close and personal during the quilting process. My husband mentioned something about the Amish making a mistake on purpose and asked if I did that. I told him I did not have to make mistakes on purpose since they happen without me knowing I am making them!

I am looking into teaching an Olli class on making an art quilt from a photo. Olli classes are big up here. Lots of things are offered from history to science to art and music. Any ideas for a title for the class? I will be chatting with someone from Olli about it. They set up classes pretty far ahead so we are looking at winter session 2019.....plenty of time to prepare. Sometimes I get a little nervous about doing it and wonder if I am artistic enough to teach an art class.

I am starting to think about my next quilt after I finish the canal houses. I think it will be my rusted toxic barrels. I've decided to widen the field of view to show more barrels....a wide and narrow quilt. The canal houses were skinny and tall. This will be the opposite. 

Originally I had edited out a lot of the barrels in the photo. I am also thinking of using my rust dyed fabrics and using fabric paint to color them since now they are white with rust. I guess I could over dye the fabrics, but am concerned about controlling the colors plus my dyes are getting pretty old. I thought maybe with paint that would work better and be less messy. 

I like that the barrels are so colorful which of course hides what is inside. Many of the barrels have numbers stamped on them and I plan on doing that as well. Also the skull and crossbones seen in the photo will be good to add. I want them to look pretty from a distance and then alarming when getting up close.

Toxic Barrels

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