Thursday, April 18, 2019

Moving along on the Charles Bridge quilt

I have sketched the bridge and enlarged the pattern. This quilt should end up being 36 inches by 36 inches. I traced the photo on my iPad in the Sketches Pro app. I have my purple fabrics chosen and washed and will get started on this tomorrow.

I start PT (arthritis) on my left knee tomorrow as well. We head to Disney on Monday so I doubt I will get much done until we come back. I just hope my knee "behaves" while we are there. I'm sure we will be doing a lot of walking and standing while we are there. This is a new problem...just another one of those little surprises that the body whips out on you when you least expect it.  I want my 20 year old body back...or even my 40 year old one.

The bridge photo with tracing overlay

The sketch

My next decision will be whether or not to include what looks like a black outline around the pieces when I make the quilt. What do you think? Of course do you do that with fabric, thread, or marker?

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Figuring out my next design

I've decided to do a quilt of the Charles Bridge in Prague. The design is of the bridge at dawn and is all purples. I just have not figured out which edit to use. I look at one and am convinced it's the one that is the best and then I look at another one and am convinced that it's the one. So I go back and forth and back and forth again. Maybe it just doesn't matter.....What do you think?

The entire image

The entire image with a lot of the bridge road surface edited out.

The right hand side edited out. I suppose a more zoomed in shot.

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Fearful or fearless?

Gathering Storm (15 in by 15 in) Feb 2014
I started teaching my 5 week class on making an art quilt from a photo. I'm sure my first presentation was a bit overwhelming for the students since there is a lot to do in 5 weeks to make this kind of quilt. So I had to cover a, photo editing, creating a pattern, picking fabrics.

It takes me about 2 months to make an art quilt so it's asking a lot to have a novice make one in 5 weeks. The only time I made a quilt in a month was back in 2014 when I took Elizabeth Barton's master class. That year I made 10 quilts since there were 10 lessons. We did not make a quilt in June or December. That was a crazy year and I was still working at the time!

One of the things I asked them to do early in the class was to introduce themselves and how long they have been quilting. I also asked them what their biggest fear was. It would be not a surprise to find that they were fearful that they are not artistic. I almost could have predicted that. I had one student that said she had no fears and she was excited. To give you an idea that means one student out of 6 was not fearful. The other 5 were fearful. I think the not artistic stuff might actually be fear of failure. I suppose we all have that to varying degrees. I certainly have a lot of self doubts when I make an art quilt. I think we go from fearless creative kids to fearful non creative adults. Creativity is taken out of us along the way. Thoughts?

Speaking of self doubt.....I have no idea what to make next. I was going to make an antique truck, but am not really motivated to do that. I need to get motivated to make something. I am beginning to stagnate.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Monoprinting class

I took a monoprinting class last Friday. The teacher was great and the class was a lot of fun. By the time I got my paints there were not that many choices. I ended up with blues and orange. Of course I do like blue and orange. 
Here I am at work. The teacher took the photo and it's a little blurry. I was so focused on what I was doing that I did not even notice she was taking the photo.
Also here are my prints. Some of them look like I am planning a fabric line! I need to get out my gelliplate and print some fabrics after getting motivated by this class.

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