Friday, November 30, 2018

Some decisions made, but more to make!

I decided a few things about my circle quilt. Gosh I feel like I have been making this quilt for years.

I decided against pink thread and went back to gray. Had to do some negative stitching, but am glad I did.

I decided against quilting circles within the circles. These circles are not perfect circles so trying to keep the perspective in the quilt would not be easy. Plus quilting circles is more difficult than straight lines.

So now the decision is whether to quilt the circles less densely parallel to the background or "perpendicular" to the background. The first quilting design I sketched for this quilt was the "perpendicular" version. Or maybe it doesn't really matter!!! See sketches below.  The large circle on the left partially floats.

option 1 ("perpendicular" partial floating of left circle)

option 2 (parallel partial floating of left circle)
Then I began to think whether I should completely float the large left circle. Will the partial floating be confusing? Will it ultimately even look like it is partially floating or not?  See below for option 3.

Option 3 (all circles floating)
 Any thoughts? Or are you just as tired of this quilt as I am?

Thanks for reading.
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Monday, November 26, 2018

Pulling my hair out!

I have never struggled so much with deciding how to quilt a quilt as with the circle quilt.

Here is the original computer generated design. Outlined in orange are the areas that should float above the design.

 Quilting idea 1
 Quilting idea 2.
Straight lines everywhere. More dense quilting for areas that should recede. Quilt some ghost circles. Sizes andpostions of ghost circles subject to change.
 Quilting idea 3
All straight lines. Less dense quilting for areas that should float.
Quilting idea 4

Echo quilt the circles. The rest in straight lines.

Any thoughts? Something that I did not think of?

I was going to quilt in medium gray, but it has been suggested to use a pale pink, yellow or blue.
Thoughts on that?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

All steam (or stitch) ahead!

"Light in Darkness" 36 in by 36 in
Here's the feedback from EB (Elizabeth Barton) on my quilt. EB: I’m back in New York for a couple of days and have a decent signal here so can see the piece correctly and I think it looks just right!! You got it!!!  A nice balance, very the play of light..and the illusions created by it...the Sense of lost and’ve done an amazing job...
So stitch away!!  I’ll go back to your previous post with the other image....very well done...I love it!  E 

 Here's the other design. This is the quilt that I will work on next. She suggested that I rotate the image and shift the dark parts to the bottom. Also to simplify things and make sure I have some negative space for the eye to rest.

Here is the image rotated 90 degrees and it does seem to be better. What do you think? I know this will be a challenge, but I am mentally ready for it!

Thanks for reading. I am busy making a birthday cake for my husband today so I probably won't get to do any sewing.

Besides I'm still basking in the praise from EB!!!!!