Friday, May 26, 2017

Busy Week

 If you are still looking for "Beantown" from the fiber art challenge it is here.

Lots of things going on this week. I am designing a new quilt. This is what is on my design wall at this point. Each blue block will have the orange/yellow/red fabric in the center. The blocks are 8 inches and the orange squares will be 4 inches. I know that is not the sizes of the orange squares in the photo. I was trying out different sizes to see what I liked. I think larger is better. These squares will be fused on top of the blue squares. I will be using some of the fabrics that I had printed at Spoonflower for the orange squares. The Spoonflower fabrics are of oil rig/coal plants.

The fabrics.

I finished quilting "Tequila Sunrise." I am so disappointed that after more than 30 years as a quilter I can be so terrible at things sometimes. The vertical lines are too wiggly and with the high contrast it really shows. I think the problem in part is the excessive quilting and the distortion caused. Should have done less quilting. I am thinking of using this quilt to cover some composition notebooks so that it does not go to waste. The other thing I thought about is to cut it into squares and sew them back together with a zigzag. I saw this on a quilt show. You butt the squares together and stitch them.

This is what that would look like. I guess if I did not like it I could still cover the notebooks! What do you think?

I am still working away in my art on the iPad class. This is an image that I drew just messing around with one of the apps. The I took the image into another app and got the images below.

Some other images from this week.

My Dad's pond.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Art on the iPad

I  am taking a course on creating art on the iPad for quilts with Susie Monday. I have been able to try out some new apps to edit photos.  Pretty cool and fun. See my images below.

If you are looking for "Beantown" from the Art with fiber blog hop challenge it is here.


How much fun is this?

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Thursday, May 18, 2017


"Beantown"  25 in by 16 in

I was challenged by Alida from Art with Fabric Blog hop (see links at the end of the blog) to create another piece of fiber art based on an artist as inspiration.

The other two times I participated in the challenge last year can be seen here:

May 2016
October 2016

This time the challenge was to use a woman artist or a woman in an art piece as our inspiration. I chose 2 fiber artists....Charlotte Ziebarth and Wen Redmond. I love their work with layering photos and using photo editing apps to make interesting photos to print on fabric. I used their techniques to create the Boston image. I also created several other fabrics that I will reveal at a later date.

I chose a photo of Boston where my daughter lives and used Photoshop as well as the ArtStudio app for the iPad to edit and create layers for this image. The photo was layered with an image of a tree, a colorful background as well as several signs seen around Boston. I also used several filters that I did not bother to record. I now realize that that is probably a good idea for future reference. This to me was a lot of playing to get something that I liked.

Here is the tree and colorful layer, Unfortunately I deleted the images of the signs and cannot find my image of Boston. I kept this layer because I thought I might use it again.

Here is the final image I sent to Spoonflower for printing.

Here is the printed fabric before I quilted it.

Here are some images of the fabric after it was quilted. I used a piece of the fabric for the label.

The quilt has already been sent off to my daughter for her birthday last week. She says it looks great on her brick wall in her condo. Her condo is in an old box factory and she has one wall that is all brick. I am still getting used to my new sewing machine and this was the first quilt that I quilted on that machine. Here is the quilt on her brick wall....looks pretty good there if I say so myself! Plus she liked it.

Check out the other fiber artists that are posted today. Alida's blog will also connect you to the artists from the entire week.

Alida from Art with Fabric Blog hop: 

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