Friday, October 24, 2014

Positive feedback

I got great feedback from EB on my blocked wind turbine quilt. Here is the quilt  (which is small at 12 in by 19 in) and what she said.

“It's a great design - I like the way you've totally pared it down to the strongest shapes..I really like the way you've given the impression of light on the edge of the main blade that we see - that's what makes the piece for me.

There are some really nice repetitions of angles that make it a satisfying design too: the slight diagonals at the top - echoed...and the verticals coming down...good one.  Also all your negative spaces are interesting...I don't see any problems!!  Except it's a pity it wasn't bigger!! you'll have to get into dyeing fabric!!  I know of a couple of good classes!!!”

I did take E’s fabric dyeing class, but still don’t have big pieces of fabric!

So now to get to work finishing this and coming up with a title. I have had several suggestions over on facebook. I also have made a few minor changes to the quilt. When I see it in a photo posted online I see things I cannot see while looking at it in person.

“Wind Power”

“Blowing in the Wind”

“Generating Wind”

“I’m Not a Plane”

“Harvesting the Wind”

“The Answer, My Friend, is Blowing in the Wind”

Any other ideas? Or do you like one of these?

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Final sketch edit and choosing fabrics

I decided to enlarge the one wind turbine and did another cut and paste. I wanted to make sure that I changed things up from the original photo.


This is what I came up with. I still have those kissing blades, but I will deal with that when I block out the quilt.








I have a ton of fabric, but have suffered from buying small pieces of fabric in the past. So the background pieces that I am debating about are only fat quarters which makes the quilt about 12 by 20. Here are the 2 different backgrounds I am debating about. The one is a batik and the other is a fossil fern. The fossil fern gives a background in motion (from the wind turbines?) more so than the batik does. I like both of them. One thing I can certainly do is cut out the turbines and see how they look against both backgrounds.

What do you think?




I paired some lighter fabrics with the fossil fern that I thought might work for the turbines and blades. I would need to use small amounts of some others to get the shading just right.





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