Thursday, May 19, 2016

Good thing I have a lot of hair

or I would have been bald from pulling it out!

 As you could have guessed I am really not enjoying making the roman shades for my daughter. I have completed one except for hemming it at the top and sewing on the velcro to attach it to the header board. I still have to order the velcro, pull cords, and hardware.

All I can say is, "What a process...and not a fun one at that." Those videos online that say making a roman shade is easy have lied.....Just saying.

The thing I find the most frustrating is cutting out these huge pieces of fabric accurately. I have a big cutting table that is 60 in by 36 in, but the pieces are larger than the table. To top it off the fabric is a directional fabric and it was not really printed 100 % straight on the fabric. An all over print would have been much easier. Then of course I put my pencil or rotary cutter down and then can't find them.

I am out of the curtain business after this adventure.

Well back to work.

A little sympathy or encouragement will be appreciated.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ready to start?

I am thinking about starting the roman shade project. I have rough cut fabrics for the shades and the lining and have given them a press.This means I cut a piece off of the 8 yards of fabric that is a bit longer than what I need. This was so I could press a smaller length of fabric rather than trying to press 8 yards. Thank goodness for my big board ironing surface.

I want to press again before actually cutting to the required dimensions. I am not sure I am mentally ready to do this project, but I guess I have put if off long enough. Today I think I will cut the lining fabric and sew the tube tape to it. At least it will be a start. And to think I have to make 3 of these shades. I guess it will be easier after I have made the first one.

My mantra for today is measure, measure, measure and then measure again.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"Sunlight in the Forest" is quilted

If you are looking for my Art with fabric blog hop ("Starry Scary Night) it is here.

I finished quilting "Sunlight in the Forest" yesterday and blocked it overnight so it would lay flat when hung. Blocking this only consisted of spraying it with water until it was pretty wet and then allowing it to dry flat.

The poly Nature Colors thread from Superior thread (Bamboo Leaf) added just enough sparkle to the sunlight rays coming into the forest. I am pleased with the way the quilting came out. Now to add the facing and sleeve.

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