Sunday, October 21, 2012

Northern Sky Sandcastles

The challenge word this go round was sandcastle. This one was really hard for me.
Definition of sandcastle
1  A castlelike structure built of wet sand, as by children at a beach.
2. Something that lacks substance or significance.
I knew for sure I did not want to make a quilt with an actual sandcastle on it which pretty much eliminates the first meaning. So I began trying to think of things in astronomy that  don’t last very long just like a sandcastle's lifespan is very fleeting.  Since most things in the universe last a really long time compared to human lifetimes, this was not an easy thing to do.
Finally I came up with the northern lights. They are very short lived and are just colors created when charged particles from the Sun enter our atmosphere and collide with gases such as nitrogen and oxygen. So the light that results from each of these collisions is very short lived.
While cutting out the trees in the foreground of my quilt it struck me that they looked like the turrets on a sandcastle that were breaking up and falling apart from their encounter with ocean waves.
So I called it Northern Sky Sandcastles.

I challenged myself to only use up scraps from my scrap bin.  I managed to do that except for the black tree fabric. After I finished this project I organized my scrap bin.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Wow!!!! That is a great quilt. I so admire your quilts and the thought process you share. Great name. What, we are suppose to ORGANIZE our scraps. I think I have the left overs from trimming the last three or four quilts on my cutting table. But I did put away the excess fabric from the quilt that I'm currently binding.


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