Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Still working on the blues

After deciding to stick with the Cherrywood fabrics I made some minor changes to my abstract blue quilt. I have gotten over the idea that they are not the same blues as in the computer sketch.

  • I got rid of the really dark navy blue blocks and put in lighter ones.
  • I added a brighter hand dyed fabric that I did years ago for some of the blocks. It also brightened it right up.
  • I decided to use black Kona cotton for the black instead of the gray looking Cherrywood black. This works better I think.
  • I decided to try randomly cutting out some black strips and place them on the top to see how  the black overlay might look before sketching and cutting out the actual overlay pieces.

I think we are looking much better. What do you think? My husband likes it! He usually never comments about my quilts, but made a comment about this one. He asked if it was supposed to be looking through a window. Funny how we look for something we recognize even in abstract art.






This Sunday is the art show in my development. I am getting the quilts ready for it. I also am donating a small piece for a raffle where the proceeds will go to our local food bank.

It is my Crazy about Daisies quilt. I cut off the goofy daisy fabric border and framed it. I always hated the trite border fabric. Not sure why I chose it. I guess I thought it was clever at the time. See the original quilt below. The new quilt is in a frame that is 12 by 12 and matted to 8 by 8. I thought that a framed piece would be easier to get people to take chances to win it.

I had a hard time getting a good photo of it.



Crazy about daisies

Here is the original quilt. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Really love it in the frame! Shows off your work to advantage without distraction by the outer print. Good choice.

  2. Yes, the blue quilt is looking better! And what a good idea to frame up the daisies sans border. It's really quite lovely.

  3. I'm with your DH on the blues quilt. Yes, I can see the 'windows'. And the black is very effective. I like the changes you have made. As for the daisy piece, the replacement of the border with a frame is just right! Well done!

  4. I missed the beginning, so can't compare, but like what I see now. And the daisies do illustrate that "less is more."

  5. Oh yes, this is working much better! I like all the changes you have made and really like those skinny black overlays.


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