Friday, March 24, 2017

"Broken" is quilted

This will be the last quilt made or quilted on my Janome 6500. Today I am going to be getting the Janome 9400. I will be trading in the 6500. 

I have had this great machine since 2004 and it has been involved in lots of quilt making and other sewing tasks. The new machine looks wonderful. They are giving me $400 less than what I paid for it. That's pretty good in my mind.

Here are some more photos of "Broken". I am still stitching down the binding.

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  1. Congrat on the new baby...I mean Sewing machine :) I love my Janome Horizon 8200.

    I love your Broken Quilt. It really speak to me.

  2. Congrats. on the new has so many features the 8900 is lacking and I'd love to trade up if I could afford it! Love your 'Broken' piece!

  3. "Broken" is simply beautiful. As for the machine...why change now? Maintenance problems? Glitches? I have just traded my 15-year-old Toyota for a new one...because its age dictates that if I wait longer a) I won't be able to get a car I am able to drive or want to drive (i.e. standard shift) and b) it's soon going to start to cost too much to maintain. With a sewing machine, parameters are different. I get that. I am looking about because I know my 2004 Husqvarna will need replacing soon...but...was your Janome in the same place? Just curious...

    Meanwhile...All the best with the new machine!

  4. The red quilting is so much more subtle than your ipad renditions, which we knew it would be. I think this works very well. As for the new machine, have fun learning its ins and outs. Sounds like you got a good deal.


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