Friday, February 10, 2017

Another busy creative week

and it feels good.....

More snow dyeing yesterday since we had 5 inches of fluffy snow.

Cottons both white and unbleached muslin dyed with black. They came out blue with some pink and white.

Thin silk fabric on the top and silk velvet fabric on the bottom. Again both came out blue. I would love to have a silk scarf like the top fabric.

"Tequila Sunrise"

Quilt top from Lesson one of Mod Improv class with Elizabeth Barton. Reminded me of the drink called a Tequila sunrise as well as the Eagles song. EB really liked this.

"The Stars Come Out at Night"

Top from lesson two of Mod Improv. This still needs to be sewn together. I already had the half square triangles in my stash so I just hung the black fabric on my design wall and added the triangle squares. The point of this lesson was to make the blocks float on the background. EB really like this.

I am thinking of participating in this challenge called threads of resistance. I have never tried to enter a juried challenge before. Wondering if my still life of corroded toxic barrels would work for this. This challenge does seem like it is right up my alley.

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  1. I think your toxic barrels would be perfect for that challenge. I love your "black" dyed fabrics. I have done some ice dyeing with different blacks and the results were amazing, so many colors in that black.

  2. oh thank you for sharing that challenge. Very interesting. I hope one day I will be able to dye fabrics....I just have to get myself organised and learn more. is not the snow that is missing in Montreal QC

  3. Je trouve que cela vaut la peine de participer, pour moi, extérieur aux Etats Unis je me fait beaucoup de soucis!

  4. Only 5 inches of snow? I know the NE is getting socked and some places got much more. Out of curiosity, what brand and name black dye did you use. Back in my serious dyeing days, we discovered this attribute of black dyes - that they do not necessarily shade to grey but some lean more blue, some quite green. I see now that Dharma has 5 black dyes on offer with complete descriptions of use and shading (or what color they may discharge to). Very helpful!

    You are right that the call for entries would appear to be right up your alley. I too thought perhaps your barrels would be a good one for it. Don't let the fact that it is juried deter you; your work is really quality and should have a good chance of being accepted. Even if you don't make the cut, the deadline will have spurred you on. :-)

  5. Oh Chris -- I sure hope you do enter that show. Your work is definitely worthy.


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